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Joe Sullenberger - Owner of Mid Penn Awnings & Tinting

Born and raised in the Enola area. For the last 25 years Joe has been living and doing business in South Central PA. Joe's daughter, who is not only beautiful but also athletic is 15 years old.

Joe has found that volunteering his time is a great learning tool for himself as well as those he served.
Joe Sullenberger
Volunteering Activities Include:

Working with several all girl softball organizations, helping young girls to be the best they can be at the sport along with life long skills.

Currently associated with a junior Olympic softball team that my daughter plays for called the Juniata Jaguars based in Mifflintown PA.

Throughout the years I have volunteered my time to several organizations such as:
Make A Wish Foundation
The American Cancer Society.

Joe says: "It has certainly been a blessing that several years ago I was introduced to the "Awning World".  I immediately gained a great passion for the many benefits awnings give their owners and the passion continues to grow.  I have met a lot of great people and gained a lot of good friends over the years.  With that being said I have decided this year to take the way the awning business runs to a whole new level and share my passion with everyone."

Greg Mulju - Sales Representative

Greg was born on an army base located near the Canal Zone in the country of Panama. His father was in the military so Greg traveled a lot and was able to see a lot of different things as he was growning up.  He got to experience different countries, cultures and different ways of life.  He calls Washington State home becuase that is where most of his upbringing and schooling had taken place.

Greg now lives in the Central Pennsylvania area.  He and his daughter like the area becuase of all the interesting things it has to offer.  They also enjoy going on road trips to surrounding states.  Some of thier favorite things to do are to go fishing, hiking and swimming at the local parks.

Greg started his careet in the food industry as an assistant chef in Washington State in 1991.  When he moved to Central Pennsylvania area in 1997 he wanted to try something new in the resturant business.  So he decided to try the front of the resturant which was bartending and serving.  By the year 2000 it was time for a change so he started his first sales job "ever" in the automobile business.  After 11 years he decided to change his sales career.  Greg says, "I joined a wonderful profession in the awning business.  I couldn't be happier.  What a great place to be.  It is so neat to learn about these products and all the options that are available for different situations.  It's really pretty cool!  Plus the biggest thing I like is that I get to help people.  I like to go to the home or business after the job is completed and see the smiles and enjoyment that the awning is bringing.  It gives me satisfaction to know that I was able to help."

Bev McPhersonBeverly McPherson

Bev was born and raised in the Mechanicsburg area.  She has two daughters, Christine and Cindy and one son, Curtis.  she also has three grandchildren and loves spending time with them.

Bev is an avid hockey fan and closely follows the Hershey Bears and Washington Capitals.  Her son also plays hockey on a local adult league.  Between family and hockey she is always very busy.

Bev first started working for Joe in 2000.

When you call Mid Penn awnings, chances are very good that the person answering your call will be Bev.  She will do her best to answer any questions you may have or forward calls as required.

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